This is the team that will help find your sweet home in Missouri

1-on-1 Attention

Buying or selling a house is a very important event in your life. I make sure you get the attention you deserve.

24/7 Availability

I will be there for you no matter the day and no matter the time.


I will walk with you every step of the way checking on the progress until you get the home of your dreams.


I will always be honest with you and look for your best interest.



I was born in Ciudad Juarez,  Chihuahua,  Mexico in March 18, 1992. As a kid I always loved sports. I started swimming when I was 9 years old and  thanks to my swimming career I ended up in Ohio with a full scholarship for my bachelors degree in Sports Management. I then ended up in Springfield Missouri for a job opportunity back in 2014. I worked as a personal trainer but when COVID happened I lost over half of my clients. Then something switched in my head.  I obsessed over the idea of helping people, specially Latinos, in the area to  find a home for themselves so they can stop renting and/or living in mobile homes. 

I got my Real Estate Licence in November 2020 and I have been very blessed with all the families I’ve been able to help ever since. I’m fluent in English and Spanish and my main goal is to educate the community about the requirements and the necessary steps to get a home for the first time.


In my two years as a realtor I have met many people who had genuinely helped me. Finally I found a team that has the same values and the same desire to help the community. I also have the pleasure of working with my friends making my job/passion so much more pleasant.


My Name is Christian Estrella, I grew up in Springfield area and graduated from Clever High School. After high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in which I served 10+ years. While in the Marine Corps I deployed to various countries, which helped me become open more culturally. Upon finishing my time on active duty I earned my Master’s Degree in Management. While completing this degree I decided I had a strong customer service background and wanted to Influence and assist as many people as possible. This is why I decided to tangle-with Real Estate. With my strong customer service background and discipline from the military, I can assure that I will give you my 1000% effort and find you perfect home.